Joseph Ikhalia

Cyber Engineer, Risk and Threat Management Lead

Riela Cyber

Dr Joseph Ikhalia works as the Riela Cyber Threat Management Lead within the Security Operations Centre (SOC) team. Joseph brings 10+ years of experience in risk and cyber security research, focusing on web-based technologies, security awareness innovation, malware threats, reverse engineering and systems audit.

With a PhD in Computer Science and a penchant for security innovation, Joseph specialises in threat detection using a vast portfolio of industry tools, techniques and methodologies to effectively mitigate all known and emerging threats facing Riela Cyber’s Ultra-High-Networth clients.

Joseph has recently been appointed a member of the Industry Advisory Board of Brunel University London’s Computer Science department. This accomplishment recognises Joseph’s ability to provide professional advice, guidance, and up-to-date knowledge to the next generation of cyber security experts.

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