Stage Overviews 2024

The Crown StageLed by Professor Stephen Mayson, will explore the future of legal services and with an emphasis on ethics and strategic decision-making during times of market uncertainty. Leading industry speakers will highlight sector growth opportunities, whilst sustaining market innovation and collaboration.

This stage will explore digital regulation including the safe and ethical boundaries necessary to protect legal services and access to justice, whilst considering the complex challenge of regulating a digital world.

The Operations StageLed by Christina Blacklaws, will address the strategic growth priorities and operational challenges for legal leaders.  

Expert speakers from the private practice and in house communities, will explore evolution in the delivery of legal services, through user case studies and insight sharing.  

Panel discussions will address the continuous and ever-changing evolution of internal operations and business growth strategies for enhanced performance and efficiency within legal departments.  

Industry professionals will discuss shifts in internal functions that support wellbeing and positive change for teams and individual growth.  

The sessions will explore the changing nature of risk, culture and community collaboration and how operational leaders can navigate the increasing pressures of client demands, in a highly competitive technological landscape. 

The Tech HubLed by Shawn Curran, Director of Legal Technology, Travers Smith, will share informed perspectives and feature forward-thinking presentations to prepare tech leaders for the future. Key speakers will share insights into digital innovations that offer a wide range of intuitive client solutions.   

Industry Speakers will share insights into the modern technologies that underpin innovation within the evolving sector.  

Thought leaders will deep dive into Big Data, and the fundamental groundwork required to shape the future for AI capabilities and decision making in law.  

Through demonstrations and discussions, the agenda will delve into the emerging technologies that are shaping legal services today. Examining the opportunities, risk and challenges of implementing advanced AI for strategic change.  

The Lockwood Room – Will host two private CPD Masterclass knowledge sessions focused on Secure GenAI and Human Skills for the future of legal services