Agenda 2022

The ‘Luminance’ Crown Stage – Led by Prof. Stephen Mayson, will explore the future of legal services and the effect that ongoing uncertainty is having on, leadership, performance, and regulation within the legal profession.

Key speakers will address the challenges of leading in a time of exponential change and discuss how this could shape firms of the future. The Stage will explore how challenging traditional models can be the elixir firms need to cultivate growth within the hybrid working environment. In addition, speakers will delve into and ask how prepared are you? – How should leaders inspire action within their teams whilst evolving businesses in the face of cultural, the need for regulatory reform, economic and global disruption.

Time Schedule Speakers

Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Prof. Stephen Mayson – Honorary Prof. of Law, UCL (Event Chairperson)

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What The Economic Transformation of The World Economy Will Mean For Professional Services

Hamish McRae – Associate Editor of The Independent, Economist , Futurist, Author and Keynote Speaker

  • World economy currently going through revolutionary changes, including an ageing developed world, a shift of weight to emerging markets, deep concern about the environment & a continuing technology revolution
  • The pushback against globalisation creates great opportunities for professional firms to help enterprises cope with these changes
  • The legal profession is at the core of this transformation, & will see riding demand for bespoke solutions to the challenges it throws up.

AI-Powered Legal Document Processing: Increasing Efficiency, Maintaining Compliance and Surfacing Opportunity

Eleanor Weaver – CEO, Luminance

  • The benefits of legal process automation: from minimising manual processes to ensuring compliance & saving valuable time & resource
  • Complete legal document processing: using AI across the entire spectrum of matters, from contract drafting, negotiation & review to investigations & eDiscovery
  • Cutting-edge tech: how the latest AI technology can take a first-pass review of incoming contracts, conceptually understand & search documents, & proactively alert lawyers to anomalies or opportunities
  • The session will conclude with a Q&A led by Professor Stephen Mayson.

It's Time to Escape the Matrix

Ade McCormack – Founder, Intelligent Leadership Hub

  • Why there is no new or next normal
  • What is the Matrix & what we need to do to escape from it
  • We will explore this through the lenses of: - Business models - Technology - People - Leadership - Profitability - Society

Stage Break


The Future of Legal Services

Jeremy Barton – GC, KPMG
Catherine Bamford – CEO & Founder, BamLegal
Matthew Hill – CEO, Legal Services Board

  • Changing landscape & regulation for larger firms
  • Crossing multiple jurisdictions - what are the challenges?
  • Looking to the future.

Leading in a Time of Change (Panel Discussion)

Jeremy Barton – GC, KPMG
Catherine Bamford
– CEO & Founder, BamLegal
Matthew Hill- CEO, Legal Services Board
Prof. Stephen Mayson
 – Honorary Prof. of Law, UCL (Chair)

  • Prof. Stephen Mayson interviews the panel on the challenges, issues & opportunities raised during the presentations.

Stage Break


LexisNexis Delivers a New Era in Legal Intelligence

David Algie Product Marketing Manager, Lexis+, LexisNexis

  • LexisNexis: Proud to be the Event Partner for the London Law Expo 2022
  • The 200 plus year journey from legal publishing house to a technology giant creating a “Connected Legal World”
  • How the breadth of our content & investment in cutting edge technology enables a premium legal intelligence experience that is powerful, intuitive & easy to use now & in the future
  • Introducing Lexis+ UK: One powerful search across Legal Research & Practical Guidance on a platform designed from the ground up for the best experience to instinctively find what you need from our leading legal content.

Leadership Skills for the Future

Prof. Herminia Ibarra – Charles Handy Professor of Organisational Behaviour, London Business School

  • Cross-cutting: Developing networks of relationships that extend & connect to a diversity of people & groups
  • Collaborating: Fostering psychological safety & collegiate candour to increase team performance
  • Coaching: Having critical conversations that develop others’ potential
  • Culture-shaping: Proactively shaping organizational culture & mindsets, including eliminating “iconic” practices that are no longer fit for purpose
  • Connecting: Growing in empathy & authentic leadership.

Interview with Prof. Herminia Ibarra

Stephen Mayson interviews Prof. Herminia Ibarra on the information, issues & opportunities raised during the keynote presentation.

Prof. Herminia Ibarra – Charles Handy Professor of Organisational Behaviour, London Business School
Prof. Stephen Mayson – Honorary Prof. of Law, UCL (Chair)


Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

Prof Stephen Mayson – Honorary Prof. of Law, UCL (Event Chairperson)

  • A summary of the issues & opportunities presented on The 'Luminance' Crown Stage.

Stage Close

The ‘Sinequa’ Chancery Stage Led by Ian Jeffrey – Consultant, Jeffrey Advisory will address the continuous evolution and ‘change management’ methodology, strategic leadership, business performance and more. The 2022 stage agenda will also discuss the ‘all changing’ disruption to Law Firm culture, the evolution of traditional roles such as the combination of the CFO & COO as the role becomes more centralised and deliver into the strategic guidance of the C-Suite in supporting the future of the firms.

The sessions will explore automation to innovation, whilst outlining how to achieve value in pricing when faced with an increasing automated competition as well as the rise of digital services as a key firm driver.

Time Schedule Speakers

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Ian Jeffery – Consultant, Jeffery Advisory (Stage Chairperson)

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The Changing Nature of Work: Recognising the Individual Experience

Eleanor Tanner – Director of People, Shoosmiths 

  • Context: war for talent, low unemployment, multiple generations in the workplace
  • Rapid change in the workplace, accelerated by Covid but already taking place prior
  • The changing expectations of a leader - from manager to coach.
  • Drawing on examples of pandemic working to illustrate this & highlighted that one size cannot possibly fit all
  • Importance of purpose & contribution
  • Shift from manager to coach; importance of development & self-improvement
  • Blending of life & work & catering to this as part of the employee proposition
  • Importance of developing rounded leaders who can manage & lead this individualised workforce
  • Recognising & rewarding leaders who do this.

Become Information Driven in Order to Drive Productivity and Improve Operational Efficiency

Dominic Mensah – Head of Sales UKI & Nordics, Sinequa

  • The Legal profession demands knowledge, diligence, accuracy & efficiency
  • Practitioners are working under constant pressure, however, operating at speed whilst retaining accuracy
  • How do you retrieve select key information at speed, which in turn will allow the ability to move fast & improve day to day operational efficiency
  • Sinequa has helped improve operational efficiency at two leading law firms by improving & simplifying complex information.

All Change Law Firm Culture Disruption (Fireside Chat)

Sarah Walker-Smith – CEO, Ampa & Shakespeare Martineau
Dana Denis-Smith – CEO, Obelisk
Ian Jeffery – Consultant, Jeffery Advisory (Facilitator)

  • Technology reshaping what law firms look like & how they operate
  • Digital transformation of client business
  • The impact on staff buy in
  • Firm culture DNA.

How Law Firms Can Benefit From a Legal GRC Strategy

Rebecca Perry – Director of Strategic Partnerships, Exterro

  • The concept of a legal governance, risk & compliance (Legal GRC) strategy
  • Breaking down traditionally siloed legal activities to yield dramatic results for law firms & their clients.

Hybrid CFO - Driving Firm Wide Business Success and Growth

Mike Giles – Finance Director, Fieldfisher

  • Reflecting the past, the present & the future
  • The world is getting more complex & more uncertain - rationality can only get you so far
  • Cultural evolution
  • Improving operational performance & reducing costs
  • Improving customer experience, competitive differentiation & new products & innovation.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Automation

Andy Shelford – UK Director of Customer Success, Everlaw

  • Workflow automation: directing your documents to the right experts
  • Redaction automation: a focus on email header metadata
  • Automatic coding: ensuring consistency & quality of review
  • Automatic metadata extraction: access to metadata in PDF emails & audio/video files.

Stage Break


Value Creation: Delivering Price Value

James Brown – Managing Partner, Simon – Kucher & Partners


How to Prepare Your Firm for a Visit From the SRA in Relation to Your Law Firm's AML Obligations

Kate Burt – Head of Risk & Compliance, Legl

  • An overview of obligations for your firm, your officers & your staff
  • What documents you will be expected to disclose
  • Who will they want to speak to & what are they likely to ask?
  • How to be proactive in this area & reduce stress should your firm be selected.

Automation to Innovation

Ana-Maria Norbury – Global Director of Service Design, Baker McKenzie

  • Revenue pressure, margin pressure & vendor diversification – where to focus
  • Tapping into entrepreneurial spirit & refashioning it for innovation
  • The ‘top-team’ setting the tone for the rest of the business
  • Bringing the most senior profit & loss leaders in the business to the table, & the conversation about prioritisation & resources.

The Importance of Innovation And Digitalisation For Law firms – How to Better Protect Your Law Firm From Financial Crime Through Market Leading AML Solutions

Colette Allen – Chief Operating Officer, Smartsearch


The 'Sinequa' Chancery Stage Wrap-up: All the Highlights & Takeaways From the Day

Ian Jeffery – Consultant, Jeffery Advisory (Stage Chairperson)


Stage Close

The ‘XapienAI‘ Tech HubLed by Andrew Powell & Sarah Chipping, will explore various new hybrid models, technologies and leadership measures that can advance firms in the hybrid environment. In addition, the 2022 speakers, will evaluate how innovation is paramount for firm competitive advantage.

Thought leaders will look at the impact and opportunities of increased supplier collaboration to further strengthen the firm position in an ever-changing sector. The sessions will debate how the legal community can take advantage of technological advancements, including disruptive innovations for value creation, whilst ensuring up-skilling in the face of security challenges touching on the ‘non-binary human’. In addition, speakers will discuss, the ever-evolving role of the CTO and having the leadership needed to steer businesses into the next generation.

Time Schedule Speakers

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Andrew Powell – CIO, Macfarlanes (Stage Co-Chairperson)

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Work Anywhere, Automate Everything: Create. Introducing a New Business Technology Triad And How To Adopt It

Jon Grainger – Chief Technology and Information Officer, CTIO101.COM 

  • Overview of each element & how they combine to enable agility & innovation
  • Main Storyline - What happens when the business technology team adopts the strategy to demonstrate to all stakeholders what is possible
  • What happens when you're applying this to the business
  • What next?

The Next Generation in Document Review

Rebecca Perry – Director of Strategic Partnerships, Exterro

  • Leveraging the same proven purpose-built technology to fulfil the wide range of legal use cases in document review
  • Ease the burden, speed & cost for law firms & their clients.

What Makes For Good Supplier Relationships

Stephen Brown Consultant and Head of Project Services, Lights-On Consulting

  • Benefits of enhancing supplier collaboration
  • Flexible Communication tools to accommodate big & small suppliers
  • Common challenges of buyer and/or suppliers & how to overcome them.

A Boundless Research Resource. What Will You Use it For?

Chris Green – Chief Commercial Officer, XapienAI

  • The world is becoming increasingly interconnected & information-rich
  • Information to drive competitive advantage lies outside your company walls
  • This information is messy, fragmented, and inconsistent
  • Advances in Natural Language Processing & cloud compute now allow for the automation of human research
  • What opportunities does this open up, & what risks?

Behavioural Pressures; The Non-Binary Human in Cybersecurity

Tash Norris – Head of Cyber Security, Moonpig

  • Challenging the status quo on set security culture in an agile environment
  • Top-down effects on security awareness & innovation
  • Unlike a binary firewall, human error is inherently random; a lapse in attention or judgement can occur at any time, often with seemingly no context to prompt it
  • How to use data to empower, not complicate your strategy.

The Connected Firm: Delighting Clients With Data Driven Collaboration

Chris Turk – Regional Vice President, EMEA, Intapp

  • Why becoming a ‘Connected Firm’ is better for you and your clients
  • How technology and data are key to better connecting your firm
  • Practical steps we can take right now to start your journey

AI Readiness in Law Firms

Hilary Smyth-Allen – Senior Research Fellow – NextGen Services, Oxford Brookes Business School & Executive Lead, SuperTech

  • What does research tell us about AI readiness in the legal sector;
  • How can design thinking build capacity for more successful technology adoption
  • A workshop style activity to demonstrate the power of some of the AI readiness toolkit developed by the Next Generation Services project.

Stage Break


The Strategic Importance of Digital Transformation and Legal Tech

Nigel Tranter – CTO, Pinsent Masons

  • Digital needs to drive cultural change by empowering the business to self-serve
  • Hyper-specialization has created a groundswell of applications
  • Using automation to drive operational efficiency
  • Can data separate firms from their competitors?

The Positive Asymmetry of Digital Transformation

Niket Desai – VP of Product,  Time by Ping

  • Digital Transformation is not just the digitization of all workflows. It's their reimagination
  • Focusing on maintaining the status quo in a “modern setup” is not industry-level progress; it disregards the positive asymmetry in front of us
  • Consumer tooling is showing us the path to reimagination of enterprise tooling, including legal tech
  • With Time Automation, Time by Ping is reimagining timekeeping to make industry-level progress possible, saving lawyers time & lifting firm revenue.

The Reinvention of the Legal Workplace

Dale Hodgkinson – Head of Strategy and Architecture at Slaughter and May

  • The reinvention of legal workplace collaboration
  • The re-prioritization of technology work
  • Practical considerations for changing culture & operations towards a hybrid working future
  • Challenges of up skilling the workforce
  • How things look today – drastic change in the coming 2-4 years.

How Humans Can Predict the Next Cyber Attack Through AI-Driven Intelligence

Joseph Ikhalia – Cyber Engineer, Risk and Threat Management Lead, Riela Cyber

  • The recent growth of cyber attack vectors facing law firms
  • Traditional cyber defence challenges within the legal sector
  • The benefits of AI for cyber security
  • Cyber attack case study & key takeaways
  • How AI can be utilised to predict the next cyber attack.

The 'Xapien' Tech Hub Wrap-up: All the Highlights & Takeaways From the Day

Andrew Powell – CIO, Macfarlanes (Stage Co-Chair)
Sarah Chipping – Director of Information Technology, Aon (Stage Co-Chair)


Stage Close

The ‘DISCO’ Operations Stage (Tech / Management)Led by Chris Bull, will address the continuous evolution of internal operations, performance management, business performance and more.

The sessions will explore the importance of embedding a legal operations mindset within the firm to ensure action is implemented from the top down to further increase business agility in a disruptive market. Speakers will also explore the ever-increasing priority of ESG with realistic suggestions on how to move from commitment to action.

Chris Bull will also guide speakers whilst exploring how to maintain a culture of inclusion and diversity with a look to evolving career paths for future generations, will be the key to the future success of firms. Sessions will additionally discuss the lessons that can be learned from looking at the psychology of the workforce, to unify teams toward a stronger more resilient future for law firm management.

Time Schedule Speakers

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Chris Bull – Principal, Edge International (Stage Chairperson)

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Embedding a Legal Operations Mindset (Panel)

Tammy Heydenrych – Managing Consultant, Norton Rose Fulbright
Ben Shillito – Head of Digital Services, Fujitsu
Cathy Mattis – Head of Legal Operations, Client Solutions, Herbert Smith Freehills
Chris Bull – Principal, Edge International (Chair)

  • Centralisation of legal operations
  • Creating standardization & consistency across the wider business
  • Leading practices in implementing strategy, leading change, & advancing law department excellence
  • Latest trends in legal operations, inhouse and in law firms
  • How do we influence and adapt change in a legal minsdset.

The Future of Work is Hybrid

Ryan Prins – Senior Sales Manager, Philips Speech Processing

  • Work from Anywhere at Anytime & anyplace - BYOD
  • Intelligent document creation solutions to support your new way of working
  • Ensure highest levels of security for your business & your business & customers
  • Spend less time on administration & more time with your clients
  • On-premise vs cloud.

Inclusion & Diversity - Broadening the Talent Pool

Jay Connolly – Chief People Officer, Baker McKenzie
Katherine Allison – Chief People Officer, Moore Barlow
Rachel Street – Director of People and Talent Development, RPC
Chris Bull – Principal, Edge International (Chair)

  • Hear the current challenges from key thought leaders on the cultural shifts & new evolving career paths
  • Managing industry disruption for the benefit of the Firm
  • The adaption of Gen Z and the evolving hybrid workplace
  • Top-down leadership continues to be the building blocks for evolving cultural change
  • Flexible approaches to the workplace for inclusive employee attraction & engagement.

Knowledge Is Power - Don’t Let It Walk out the Door

Phil Demetriou – Senior Director of UK and European Sales, DISCO

  • How cross-matter intelligence redefines institutional know-how by helping to:
  • - Create custom models from past judgment calls
  • - Market expertise to clients, &
  • - Sustain user-driven workflows

From Place to People : A Sustainable Approach For The New World of Work

Mark Finlay – Chief Commercial Officer, Moneypenny

  • The rise of ESG in Professional Service Firms
  • Hybrid working & the impact on Sustainability Targets
  • How outsourcing services impacts ESG approaches
  • The four typologies of sustainable organisations
  • Case studies of leading professional services firms addressing sustainability & ESG.

Stage Break


Demystifying Deepfakes: How to Navigate the Coming Age of Synthetic Media

Henry Ajder – Head of Policy & Partnerships, Metaphysic

  • An insight into the fast evolving world of deepfakes
  • The current landscape - where its moving next, & what we need to prepare for an increasingly synthetic future.

Innovation Sucks

David Chapman – Head of Marketing, Zylpha

  • The harsh realities of innovation through technology
  • Covid; the catalyst for change
  • The importance of effective communication
  • Lessons learned.

Digital Technology is Shifting The Psychology of How We Work

Carolyn Freeman – Cyber Psychologist, Cybercology

  • How digital & hybrid work is increasingly at odds with the ‘old school’ workplace norms & behaviour
  • How digital media affects employee’s productivity, engagement & professional commitment
  • The impact of personality on our ability to effectively work in a remote or hybrid work environment
  • What remote & hybrid work does to our psychological wellbeing, & what we can do about it.

Countering Sanctions Evasion through Data & Technology

Ted Datta –  Head of Financial Crime Compliance Industry Practice Group – Europe & Africa, Moody’s Analytics 


The 'DISCO' Operations Stage Wrap-up: All the Highlights & Takeaways From the Day

Chris Bull – Principal, Edge International (Stage Chairperson)


Stage Close

The Lockwood Room will host three private CPD Masterclass knowledge sessions focused on Leadership and Practice Management for Law Firm Leaders, Positive Pricing Strategies and Running a Super Resilient Organisation.

Time Schedule Speakers

Welcome to the Super Resilient Organisation - Sponsored by Schroders Personal Wealth

Key ‘takeaways’ from the session:

This session builds on Ade McCormack’s ‘It’s time to escape the matrix’ keynote.

Preamble: The most successful human operating model across all time is the tribe. This model was, and is, optimised for thriving in the most inhospitable and chaotic environments. In this session we will explore how to harness our natural wiring to create organisations fit for an unknowable future.

Specifically, you will discover:

  • Why people are so critical to your law firm’s success, but only if you create the optimum conditions.
  • How to turn your talent into cognitive athletes.
  • How to create an environment that promotes peak performance.

Led by Ade McCormack – Founder, Intelligent Leadership Hub

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Fireside Chat: Disruptive Trends Emerging Within The Legal Sector

Brexit, a global pandemic, the cost of living crisis and political unrest are just four of the many challenges that the UK (along with the Rest of the World) has faced over the past 24 months. Developing resilience and a toolkit to face into these challenges is essential particularly for the legal sector when looking to attract and retain top talent and manage client expectations.

Join us as we discuss; developing an effective wellbeing strategy that supports your workforce, tackling the issue around the efficacy of the existing career progression routes within a modern law firm and the impact of change through the sector on clients.

Michael Phillips – Senior Lawyer, Schroders Personal Wealth
Leigh Dunkley – Financial Wellbeing Lead, Schroders Personal Wealth
Dan Kayne – Founder, The O Shaped Lawyer
Rebecca Tregarthen – Strategic Partnerships Development Manager | Business Development Bristol & South Wales / South West Region (Facilitator)


Stage Break


Leadership & Practice-Management Challenges Facing Legal Services

Two years ago, the UK’s legal-services businesses were facing an increasingly competitive marketplace, a situation that was posing demanding questions for those leading their businesses on how to develop and thrive.  And then came COVID.  As the UK seems to be emerging from the pandemic stage, these leaders now have the multi-faceted challenges of identifying how best to operate in a new, fluid and unfamiliar working environment, re-engage with clients and prospective customers, and rediscover success in winning business, growing market share and delivering their service.  And they need to do this whilst still facing the market issues that existed pre-COVID, but now in the context of an economy and society that seem to be recovering well but feel rather chaotic and uncertain.

How do you cope with these changes, satisfying the needs of the client whilst also engendering positive leadership in others at all levels within the business, underpinned by consistently effective and confident practice management in a new working culture in “the office”?

Key ‘takeaways’ from the session:

  • To gain a greater understanding of the current trends in the legal-services market & the possible impact of the “living with COVID” socio-economic environment
  • To consider ways in which management might be optimised to meet these new challenges
  • To gain a greater understanding of different leadership models, & how to develop leadership & an effective culture in the new workplace; in order to give delegates practical ideas for improving their business to inform their own boardroom discussions.

Led by Robin Jackson – Independent Management Consultant


Stage Break


Having Better Pricing Conversations – Focusing on Value

Pricing has more impact on a firm’s profitability than any other factor, so getting it right should be one of the top priorities.  As clients become more sophisticated and critical of fees and billing arrangements, pressure on firms is mounting to justify the numbers and convince clients that price equals value.

Key ‘takeaways’ from the session:

  • The changing legal market: Opportunities and threats for law firms
  • What successful pricing looks like and its impact
  • How we can create and credibly demonstrating value
  • Participant Breakout Session – Having the CEO Conversation
  • Summary of key messages

Led by Stuart Dodds – Principal/Co-Founder , Positive Pricing

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