Wandera whitepaper – Mobile data report: Focus on phishing

Mobile is rapidly becoming the most fertile landscape for the modern hacker. Every single hour a new, dangerous threat seems to emerge. That might be the latest man-in-the-middle exploit or a sophisticated variation of an Android ransomware file.

One of the most overlooked and least glamorous threats is phishing. In the minds of many, phishing attacks feature phony members of the Nigerian royal family clumsily requesting the bank details of the victim in exchange for a supposed sum of money.

Phishing is not only far more prevalent than you might think, but it has become the cornerstone of almost every major attack over the past five years. It’s demonstrably among the most potent and widespread forms of cyberattacks in the modern age, and mobile has offered a powerful new access and distribution network for hackers to exploit.

This report details the extent of this resurgent threat on mobile, and presents data on both how and where it is happening, with recommendations for reducing your organization’s exposure to this risk.

Read the full whitepaper here.

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