Sinequa Intelligent Search: Powering the Work of Modern Firms


Firms today are facing growing expectations from the market and their employees. As workplace technology advances and digital efficiency is improving, the pressure is on for firms to beat their competitors, win new clients, and preserve client satisfaction. Not to mention, retaining top talent.

“C-Sat (customer satisfaction ratings) on findability. We were hovering around 55%. For a knowledge company, the ability to find stuff should be greater than the yield curve….” -Global IT Director, Boston Consulting Group

Though the digital workplace is changing faster than ever, it’s technology that could be slowing them down. While these workplace tools may be making things like communication easier than ever, it’s the fact that information systems are disconnected, and employees often can’t find what they need to do their job. According to a 2021 APQC research report, 50% of employees are confused about where information is stored. This is largely because there are too many disconnected systems to search, and information is either incomplete or inaccurate.

This changes when you use Sinequa.

Intelligent search powered by Sinequa lets you create a single-entry point to all of the knowledge scattered across your firm, delivering fast and relevant insights to those who need it. Explore how Sinequa can help you increase employee productivity, improve decision-making thanks to accurate information, and remain competitive for years to come.

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