Morality, humanity, sensemaking, leadership and slow flow. The 14 books.

Kevin Redmond, CEO of UseBecause asked me; “From the books, you have read in the last say two years, if you had to pick two categories and 3 to 5 books in each category, what would you pick?”

“Disruptor or disrupted, leadership in turbulent times”

That made me think. It is also an excellent help for formulating the talk I am doing at the London Law Conference, with the title “Disruptor or disrupted, leadership in turbulent times”. Speaking at 9:45. Crown Stage.

Not technology

What is very interesting, particularly from a law perspective, is the move away from technology, innovation and disruption. Instead, business authors are asking some very pertinent questions of where this is all going. This is interesting for law practitioners, as from this, law and regulation follow. And opportunity.


Call it “sense-making”. Not about making sense about the exponential development in technology, as that is now a given, but about the impact and implications of technology on business and humanity.

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