Modern KM is Automatic: Keep the Humans, Just Automate the Knowledge

Law firms are on the verge of a technological shift toward automating knowledge.

By the nature of the business, law firms are defined by specialist knowledge and expertise. Yet, that knowledge often exists in disparate, unsystematic environments with the firm. As external pressures mount, using advanced automation technologies will help firms integrate valuable intelligence into core business activities to streamline and innovative service delivery.

Every aspect of a law firm’s interaction with clients depends on some form of knowledge, be it legal, relationship, process or organisational knowledge. By automating knowledge, knowledge managers can start to integrate people, processes, and systems to transform how they perform transactional work, address clients’ needs, manage risk and solve evolving business challenges. Technology already has had a profound impact on firms, and the potential benefits are virtually limitless, including:

  • Protecting against knowledge leakage
  • Empowering lawyers to work smarter, rather than harder
  • Mitigating risk and managing cybersecurity
  • Adding value to client relationships
  • Driving service innovation

Our latest whitepaper, Modern KM is Automatic: Keep the Humans, Just Automate the Knowledge, explores how forward-thinking firms can use knowledge automation to take a highly strategic approach to knowledge management and create real differentiation.

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