Lessons from Farrer & Co about crisis communication

This unique video case study examines how renowned law firm Farrer & Co reacted to the Kingsway Fire of 2015. Providing lessons for law firms of all types it examines the “what ifs” of various crisis situations and how law firms can react to them quickly, efficiently and effectively with crisis management solutions such as YUDU’s own Sentinel platform.

Crisis communication and management is one of the most rapidly growing areas of software development, aiming to make professional services firms more resilient to external threats as well as delivering on your primary duty of care to keep your staff safe. These rapidly evolving threats, from fires and server outages to terrorism require broad solutions that can function even when ordinary systems have gone down. 

Farrer and YUDU’s response to these events represents one of the few crisis management solutions that was developed in response to an actual crisis event, with functionality built around what this event revealed concerning existing resilience and crisis/business continuity plans. 

 To watch the video, click here. And to learn more about the platform that Farrer & Co employed, click here

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