For the Top Am Law 200 Firm in Venture Capital, Time Automation is a Competitive Advantage

An investor puts their money on a promising young entrepreneur. A company takes the strategic step of acquiring a competitor. A private equity firm backs a bold and innovative new brand. These types of deals tend to be featured in the business headlines, but just as fast-paced and fascinating are the law firms working tirelessly behind the scenes to guarantee that all goes according to plan.

And no one does that better than this international firm. Trusted by first-time startups, emerging and established businesses, and the investors that back them, the firm has been ranked as the top of its class by PitchBook for the last eight years. One of the keys to its success? Hiring the best lawyers in the industry, and empowering them with tools and processes that are as cutting-edge as their clients.

Every technology investment the organization makes benefits individual attorneys and the business as a whole—and for the firm, timekeeping was the next frontier. It was essential to find a solution that would enable its lawyers to keep pace with the breakneck speed of the innovation economy without burning out.

For years, firm managers had been observing how their conventional time capture tool was leaking billable time and encountering poor adoption. So when they came across Time Automation that shifts the timekeeping paradigm from lawyers telling a machine what they did during their workday to the machine telling the lawyers, they knew it was the right choice. That’s why the firm chose to roll out Time by Ping.

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