Keynote Speaker 2023

Matthew Syed

Co-Founder of Matthew Syed Consulting, Journalist at The Times, Media Personality & Former Table Tennis Player #1

Multi-award winning journalist and acclaimed speaker, Matthew Syed is the co-founder of Matthew Syed Consulting where he helps leading organisations in the field of high performance. Not only has he wrote six best-selling books but he was also a British number one in table tennis player for near to a decade. An excellent writer who has written best selling books on high performance and mindset and also celebrated children’s books. As an established column and feature writer for The Times, he regularly covers topics such as football, sports, media and politics. Matthew has presented various TV and radio documentaries for the BBC and also provides analysis for CNN, Newsnight and Sky News.

A celebrated writer who has received many awards throughout his career for his respected writing from Sports Journalist of the Year twice at The British Press Awards to the Editorial Intelligence Comment Awards where he won Sports Commentator of the Year. In addition, he has also won Sports Feature Writer and Sports Columnist of the Year six times at the Sports Journalist Association Awards and for his book, Bounce, he won Best New Writer at the British Sports Book Awards. Matthew Syed Consulting provides a cutting-edge approach to high performance in a complex and fast-changing world.

His tools and programmes are quickly becoming vital for real and lasting change within the business and the public sector. He educates on the connection between mindset and high performance to unlock the potential in individuals, teams and organisations. He has worked with an impressive catalogue of clients to drive innovation and agility, securing them a future-proofed environment. Named one of HR Magazine’s HR Top 30 Most Influential Thinkers in 2018 following his influential contributions to the HR sector of The UK Department of Health in 2016.

He is the co-founder and trustee of Greenhouse which is a charity that supports more than 10,000 young people on 31  full-time school programmes. The aim is to empower young people through sport. Matthew harnesses experiences he gained through playing table tennis to better understand how the mind responds under conditions of stress and develop skills and techniques to perform without inhibition. This led to him creating The Choke, a programme on Radio 4 surrounding this subject. A sought after high-performance speaker who can deliver insights into the importance of aligning your mindset. Matthew excels in unlocking the potential of organisations and injecting agility and innovation in a though-provoking manner to allow businesses to future think.

Live on the The Crown Stage at 16:15, followed by an interview with Professor Stephen Mayson