Billing: Why It’s Time to switch to an automatic

When it comes down to it, billing is the apex of client-staff relationships. If billing is done in an open, transparent way, the numbers are fair and accounted for by the service offered, it will be paid in good time with little stress to the company. Fall foul of these principles, and you can find yourself with additional stresses. Traditional billing methods cause some to falter, whether it’s inaccurate billing (through guesswork or imperfect time capture processes), or a lack of transparency which catches the client off-guard when the invoice eventually arrives.

In this blog, we look at how automated billing methods have the potential for revolutionising how legal services are invoiced and accounted for, and not only reduce human error but also allow legal professionals to focus on what they do best—providing expert legal counsel.

Automation is revolutionising the landscape of law firms by streamlining processes, saving valuable administrative time, and enhancing overall efficiency. Tedious tasks like time tracking and invoice creation can now be handled with precision through automation. This translates into increased productivity, allowing legal professionals to dedicate more time to high value tasks that demand critical thinking and strategic analysis.


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