Jane Livesey

Founder & Director

Dynamic Waves

I am a multidisciplinary transformation specialist helping individuals, teams, and organisations to unleash their potential. What does unleash potential mean?! Imagine emerging from a workshop(s), strategic off-site or coaching experience with a toolkit at your fingertips and:

• Articulated values/purpose/missions that are translated into tangible and actionable goals
• A plan to drive forward your change initiatives with clear and concise plans
• Improved workplace dynamic and effectiveness with higher levels of psychological safety and a shift in mindset.
• Awareness of the blind spots and barriers, such as limiting beliefs and patterns standing in your way
• Understanding of your strengths and how to utilise them
• Increased confidence and ways to manage conflict and courageous conversations

I help clients achieve this by applying a unique approach using a combination of coaching styles including systems coaching and creative exercises and design and systems thinking. This enables people to have an immersive, visceral and take collective responsibility. Getting beneath the surface to work out what is the right problem to focus on and find answers to solutions that can otherwise be unreachable.

This way of working isn’t magic, but a way to create a trusted, safe and courageous space for people express without judgement and enable transformation.

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