Colette Allen

Chief Operating Officer


Collette Allen joined SmartSearch in 2013 as a senior support specialist and, within two years, earned a position as head of client services. Just five years later, she was recently appointed to the SmartSearch board as client services director.

At 30, Allen was the company’s youngest-ever board member and the first female in the boardroom. Under her direction, the client services division grew significantly and now manages 5,500 global clients across the legal, insurance, accountancy, investment, property and finance sectors.

Her promotion to chief operating officer comes as a result of her work developing SmartSearch’s already outstanding level of client retention – which sits at 98% on year – as well as her key role in developing the company’s business strategy and helping it to achieve its goals and growth.

In her role, Allen oversees SmartSearch’s operations and procedures, and is responsible for driving sustainable business growth, while guaranteeing a high-quality customer experience. She also manages a diverse range of business operations, ensuring SmartSearch maintains its position as a market leader in digital compliance.

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