Leading Benelux Law Firm Relies on Sinequa for Insights and Expertise.

The success story describes how Sinequa is being leveraged to help Stibbe, a leading full-service law firm in the Benelux, with main offices in Amsterdam, Brussels and Luxembourg, and branch offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, London and New York, leverage millions of documents and legal matters to work more productively, better manage security, and remain compliant in the face of stringent new government regulations.

The challenge
The legal system generates a massive and ever-increasing amount of data. Each new matter increases the data set that lawyers have to cope with in their work. It is surprising that until recently there has been little innovation in the way that the legal profession uses technology to stay informed and to help lawyers retrieve information efficiently.

In Stibbe’s case, one of the biggest challenges facing law practitioners in recent years has been retrieving information from many different sources. Across the firm, lawyers and staff members need to find information stored in various information silos, including SharePoint knowledge bases, document management systems, and large Outlook mailboxes.

The production application enables Stibbe’s lawyers and staff members to work more productively by making it easy to find information. The application also helps with information security, as it exposes sensitive material that may have been stored improperly. The power and thoroughness of the application enables the organization to practice proper document management, which has resulted in enhanced internal protection of sensitive (client) information.

The application is also accelerating compliance with the GDPR regulations since it enables stakeholders to search all documents where a specific client is mentioned, including electronic mailboxes. Stibbe realizes that successfully complying with the GDPR requirements begins with finding and understanding the data held by the organization.

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