Stage Overviews 2023


The Crown Stage Led by Professor Stephen Mayson, will explore the future of legal services and with an emphasis on ethics and strategic decision making during times of market uncertainty. Leading industry speakers will address driving growth, whilst looking ahead to sustain the momentum of innovation to unlock new potential opportunities and collaboration.

This stage will explore digital regulation including the safe and ethical boundaries necessary to protect legal services and access to justice, whilst considering the complex challenge of regulating a digital world.

Professor Stephen Mayson will lead key global speakers from outside the traditional legal market,  evaluating the international scope of services and how firms with competitive edge are reshaping the business of law.


The Chancery Stage – Led by Christina Blacklaws, will address the role of leadership in driving a positive change culture. Expert speakers will explore a new breed law firms, as well as economic pressures for legal leaders.

Focused on driving results, facilitating access to justice, and increasing overall efficiency, thought leasers will evaluate law firm growth strategies, taking a particular look at how firms are using ‘house of brands’ or ‘single national brand’ approaches to market position.

Leaning into ethical risk, industry representatives will enlighten leaders on the cost of failing to meet expectations, sharing approaches to manage reputational risk when it fails, whilst protecting the brand and its greatest treasure their businesses data.


The Tech HubCo-Led by Janet Day, Independent Consultant and Sarah Chipping, Director of IT, AON Tyche, will share informed perspectives to support operations and infrastructure within legal businesses with the addressing of shifting priorities in an accelerated and highly automated era.

Forward thinking sessions will prepare legal leaders for the future, delving into emerging technologies that are shaping legal services, including the rapid explosion of advanced AI and language models. The stage will discuss access to justice and responsible innovation, where speakers will evaluate advanced technologies incorporated into modern legal teams. Key speakers will share insights into digital innovations that offer a wide range of intuitive and user-friendly advantages for competitive edge.

Sessions will explore the consolidation and collaborative systems, which improve efficiencies while also supporting client experience. Debating whether these integrations are truly enhancing legal services, speakers will consider the volume of tech distractions and the impact these have on workforce productivity.

In addition, through use cases speakers will provide tangible insights and advice for dealing with high profile breaches and the effects this has the business and culture alike.


The Operations Stage Led by Chris Bull, will address leading the continuous evolution of internal operations, productivity, growth, and business performance within legal departments.

The sessions will explore the changing nature of risk and culture, harnessing the importance of forward-thinking people centric leadership, to cultivate resilience in an increasingly disrupted world. Operational strategists and practice leaders will share insights into digital innovations that offer a wide range of flexibility for lawyers and clients, whilst supporting global ESG initiatives. Speakers will discuss improving efficiencies while also supporting the client experience.

Speakers with evaluate and debate, the changing nature of business operations, including hybrid, and remote working structures, whilst also considering brand presence, workplace culture and productivity. Sessions will additionally discuss the evolving needs of clients and the successes of high growth and high potential markets for continued stability and client satisfaction..


The Lockwood Room – Will host three private CPD Masterclass knowledge sessions focused on Leadership & New Business Development for Law Firm Leaders, Positive Pricing Strategies and Running a Super Resilient Organisation.