Stage Overviews 2022


The ‘Luminance’ Crown Stage – Led by Prof. Stephen Mayson, will explore the future of legal services and the effect that ongoing uncertainty is having on, leadership, performance, and regulation within the legal profession.

Key speakers will address the challenges of leading in a time of exponential change and discuss how this could shape firms of the future. The Stage will explore how challenging traditional models can be the elixir firms need to cultivate growth within the hybrid working environment. In addition, speakers will delve into and ask how prepared are you? – How should leaders inspire action within their teams whilst evolving businesses in the face of cultural, the need for regulatory reform, economic and global disruption.


The ‘Sinequa’ Chancery Stage Led by Ian Jeffrey, Lewis Silkin, will address the continuous evolution and ‘change management’ methodology, strategic leadership, business performance and more. The 2022 stage agenda will also discuss the ‘all changing’ disruption to Law Firm culture, the evolution of traditional roles such as the combination of the CFO & COO as the role becomes more centralised and deliver into the strategic guidance of the C-Suite in supporting the future of the firms.

The sessions will explore automation to innovation, whilst outlining how to achieve value in pricing when faced with an increasing automated competition as well as the rise of digital services as a key firm driver.


The ‘XapienAI‘ Tech HubLed by Andrew Powell & Sarah Chipping, will explore various new hybrid models, technologies and leadership measures that can advance firms in the hybrid environment. In addition, the 2022 speakers, will evaluate how innovation is paramount for firm competitive advantage.

Thought leaders will look at the impact and opportunities of increased supplier collaboration to further strengthen the firm position in an ever-changing sector. The sessions will debate how the legal community can take advantage of technological advancements, including disruptive innovations for value creation, whilst ensuring up-skilling in the face of security challenges touching on the ‘non-binary human’. In addition, speakers will discuss, the ever-evolving role of the CTO and having the leadership needed to steer businesses into the next generation.


The ‘DISCO’ Operations Stage Led by Chris Bull, will address the continuous evolution of internal operations, performance management, business performance and more.

The sessions will explore the importance of embedding a legal operations mindset within the firm to ensure action is implemented from the top down to further increase business agility in a disruptive market. Speakers will also explore the ever-increasing priority of ESG with realistic suggestions on how to move from commitment to action.

Sessions will also explore how to maintain a culture of inclusion and diversity with a look to evolving career paths for future generations, which will be the key to the future success of firms. Speakers will additionally discuss the lessons that can be learned from looking at the psychology of the workforce, to unify teams toward a stronger more resilient future  for law firm management.


The Lockwood Room – Will host three private CPD Masterclass knowledge sessions focused on Leadership & New Business Development for Law Firm Leaders, Positive Pricing Strategies and Running a Super Resilient Organisation.