Plan-Net’s Dumitru Reaboi is the finalist of BCS & Computing UK IT Industry 2018 Awards

Who is Dumitru Reaboi?

He is the ultimate team leader at Plan-Net for top 50 law firm Kennedys and now he is the finalist of BCS & Computing UK IT Industry 2018 Awards.

In 2016, Dumitru set off from Romania to London with one goal in mind, to become the best in his field. He brought his wit, enthusiasm and can-do attitude to Britain’s elite IT services industry. It’s fair to say that his love for IT is equally met by his love for meeting challenges head-on. In his own words: “I made the educated decision to try something new and take a few risks to come over to the UK. I didn’t have much to back up my confidence (only 1 year total IT experience) but I got lucky and managed to land a job as a Senior Analyst with Plan-Net, on the Kennedys Law team.”

His Accolades

At Plan-Net, we don’t attribute his success to luck. The pace at which he has developed himself, his team and their processes is down to his professionalism, innovative approach, charisma and insatiable curiosity. He joined in October 2016 and became the Team Leader by July 2017. Providing an excellent service is, as Dumitru says, ‘a big deal’. Especially in a team where high-earning law professionals are so dependant on IT and lightning-fast resolutions. Dumitru rose from Senior Analyst to Team Leader thanks to his innovate ‘silo smashing’ team structure and hands-on approach. He was consistently the top performer in the team and was already motivating, upskilling and mentoring his colleagues before his promotion. His impact shows not only in the team’s new skill levels but also in the 100% satisfaction rates of his users.

You don’t need to take Plan-Net’s word for it either, Paul Bendall, IT Service Management Lead at Kennedy’s, talks of Dumitru’s mentoring style. “Through the coaching of his own staff and proactive engagement with myself and other IT teams, he has been key to our efforts to drive overall service improvements.”

Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the reporting. Not only have survey responses tripled, but also their satisfaction levels have increased from 95% in 2016 to 99% in 2018. For Dumitru, the user is at the centre of everything his team does and he is rightly proud of the measurable successes. Customer Satisfaction for the Helpdesk has been 100% for the several months and other key metrics have also soared. Due to the time-sensitive nature of Kennedy’s Law, we keep an extra close eye on our resolution rates. Since 2017, under Dumitru’s lead, the desk has reduced resolution time by a very impressive 12 hours.

Paul Fletcher, Group CEO, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, says:

“Congratulations to Dumitru for being shortlisted, they clearly demonstrate the highest levels of excellence and innovation across today’s IT sector. These awards showcase some of the brightest and best in our industry, and it is a significant achievement to be shortlisted.”

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