IAM Security Policies

Your business runs on data. It is one of your organisation’s most important assets. But data only has value if it can be accessed and used.

But not accessed and used by everyone. Data can be confidential, such as sensitive internal documents; or be commercially valuable, such as a customer database; or be subject to regulation, such as data protection legislation.

It is critical that people only have the access that they need, and no more. A level of access that exceeds this offers no benefit to the business, and invites accident or a security incident.

The requirement for managing access is easy to understand, but it can be hard to implement and operate for larger businesses:

  • people join and leave the organisation regularly
  • their access needs will vary as their roles and responsibilities change
  • the organisation’s policies, data, and services are constantly changing.

Consequently, managing user access within an organisation is a critical but challenging task. Able+ is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that aims to make access management simple and secure. Let’s look at the benefits in more detail:

Take control with security policies

Security policies control what is, and isn’t, permissible. Defining and enforcing your policies is central to security. Able+ helps you implement and manage policies that keep your organisation and users safe, such as enforcing strong passwords.

Protect your passwords with multifactor authentication

A strong password is essential, but it won’t help if the password is stolen. Able+ supports multifactor authentication, which supplements a password with a second method of authentication, such as a passcode sent to a smartphone. The password alone is not sufficient to authenticate.

Secure your resources with access control

Protecting your applications and data should be a key goal of your organisation’s security strategy. Able+ provides the control you need to manage access consistently and efficiently across your entire digital estate. It provides a central point of authorisation, making it easier to manage issues that cut across the business, such as risk and compliance.

Maintain integrity with compliance policies and attestation

An IAM solution is only effective if its data is accurate.​ Errors in data can lead to unexpected consequences, disrupting user access and compromising security. Able+ guards against error using compliance policies that automatically compare users’ identities and permissions against policy, making corrections or raising alerts if discrepancies are identified. Attestation can be used to schedule periodic manual reviews of users’ access permissions by resource owners.

Inform decision-making and auditing

Accurate and timely information is essential in making relevant and effective business decisions. It’s also critical if you need to identify and respond to potential security threats.​ Able+ gives you the reporting tools you need to support your business decisions. Every IAM control event is captured and made available for analysis.

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