How AI is Augmenting Litigation Support Services

Digitalisation and the use of technology has been outlined as a strategic priority for almost one-fifth of UK legal buyers in 2022. Law firms are now facing a host of potential growth opportunities, but also potential challenges. They must keep up with fast-moving competitors and address the growing necessity to use technology in their processes.

To stay ahead, firms need to diversify and expand the research tools they use. This is essential to stay ahead of competitors that are adopting tech solutions.

Conducting online research today is complicated, as researchers have to verify what information is truly relevant, accurate, and available for use. The amount of information also continues to grow at such a fast, disparate rate that human teams cannot realistically keep up with demand.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasing role in litigation strategies. AI-powered background research platforms are primed to help break down the barriers to utilising publicly available online information in legal proceedings. Such tools can augment human teams by enabling efficient analysis and use of this data.

Further, they provide peace of mind that research and information gathering stays within compliance best practices.

Read Xapien’s recent report on how AI is transforming litigation support services here .

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