Ediscovery Buyer’s Checklist: Doing Your Due Diligence Before You Take the Plunge

With a number of ediscovery players currently in the market, legal professionals are test-driving various new technologies in the hopes of finding a solution that will address their needs today and well into the future. Unfortunately, some organizations treat the selection of an ediscovery solution as a transaction: a means to an end. But since ediscovery is an increasingly critical component of business operations, selecting a solution should be viewed less as a one-time transaction and more like entering into a long-term relationship with a trusted partner. However, the process of identifying the right ediscovery solution is notoriously tricky.

Buyers of the technology often find themselves at a disadvantage when trying to evaluate a wide selection of vendors, navigate an ever-growing list of capabilities, and understand how to apply them to different use cases. To maximize the return on investment, buyers need to ensure not only that the technology checks all the boxes but that the technology vendor does as well.

In this white paper, we explore what legal professionals should look for when selecting the best ediscovery solution for their organization, tips for the process, and questions to ask when vetting potential vendors.


Download the guide here.

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