10 Reasons Litigators Choose Lexel

The collaborative case management solution is revolutionizing the practice of litigation.

10 Reasons Litigators Choose Lexel. Lexel connects the case team in an intuitive workspace for collaborating on key documents, transcripts, insights, themes, and strategies. By making all client evidentiary material, testimony, and team analysis available to all members in a single, dynamic workspace, Lexel accelerates and improves litigation-prep workflows.

01 Simplified Litigation
Lexel draws upon industry expertise to transform and automate the progression from document review to gathering testimony to crafting the most compelling legal argument.

02 Streamlined Transcription
Lexel provides an integrated real-time transcription and annotation workflow for cases across the globe.

03 Convenient Trial Prep
Lexel bridges the gap between eDiscovery and trial presentation.

04 Trusted Experience
Lexel litigation platform is derived from experience working on headliner cases and tribunals across the globe.

05 Synchronization of Data
Lexel simplifies the review of transcripts that have been synchronized to the corresponding AV files.

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