London Law Expo 2024 – Exhibitor Deliveries / Collections

As an exhibitor of the upcoming ‘London Law Expo 2024’, you are required to inform Netlaw Media of your operational plans for the event. This form outlines the available storage / delivery options for your items.

Please ensure you thoroughly read this information and complete this form by:- 5th September.  All deliveries / collections require a pre-arranged timeslot and are allocated on a first come first served basis.

If you have small items to bring to the event on 3rd October (i.e – small boxes of marketing material / give-aways etc.) or are attending on Wednesday to set up your stand, we recommend you arrive via Aldgate station and walk to the venue.

IMPORTANT – Any goods or materials left on-site are at your own risk and Netlaw Media will not be held responsible for anything that may happen to your belongings. Please leave them clearly labelled for your courier to come and collect. You must collect your goods on the evening of the event or arrange for your packaged goods to be collected the following day.

Nearest Car Parking Facilities to the Venue:

Custom / Bespoke Stands

If you are having a custom or bespoke stand built at the event (by a supplier other than Netlaw Media’s preferred), please contact the Event Operations team to book a delivery slot. In addition to scheduling the delivery of your stand, you will also be required to submit Health and Safety documentation via the online form prior to 18th September.